DIY Pinterest Nail Polish & Jewelry Wire Flower Tutorial Video

I made my very first YouTube video! To watch it click the photo above :D

 I've long been a stalker of DIY sections of Pinterest and over and over I saw this flower crown - claiming to have been made out of jewelry wire and nail polish.

 I pretty much didn't believe that it was even possible and after searching around for tutorial video I was even more convinced that it couldn't be done. 

Finally, after seeing the pin enough, I decided to actually try it out. After struggling for a while I got it and it's actually pretty easy once you figure it out. 

Below I'm going to link materials you'll need to make there. The following are affiliate links and I will benefit if you choose to purchase these items through these links. 

What You'll Need Simply click the image to buy through Amazon

Jewelry Wire
Wire Cutters

Nail Polish

If you make these and post photos please tag me on any social media @missameliajoy I'd love to see them!
Please feel free to put any questions or comments down below or in the comments of the video. 

Thanks so much for being here!


  1. This is a great post. It is good to see flower crown which is asserting to have been made out of gems wire and nail clean. Thank you for sharing this post with us. Great work!



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