Autumn Activities | DIY Fall Wreath

A could of years ago my sister made some adorable autumnal wreaths for my parents and for me. This year she brought some supplies to my house and we made some together because you really can't have too much fall decor.

What You'll Need:
glue gun w/ glue sticks
wreath base ($6.00 at Michael's)
faux leaves (price)
fall ribbon (price)
Cute bobbles (price)

tiny pumpkins or gourds

These little bitty pumpkins were too cute to pass up. Once we started using them we realized we probably should have bought the gourds too since they were just as cute and wouldn't have been too much for our wreaths.

Start by deciding what will be the top and the bottom of your wreath and where your bow will be (if you're going to have one).

Then begin visualizing where your larger pieces (pumpkins or gourds) will go if you're using them.

Once you've decided on a basic design for your wreath begin hot gluing leaves around your wreath. Make sure to not overcrowd them - you can always go back and add more but it's a little more difficult to remove them once they're on there.

Add in your larger pieces as you glue on your leaves so that they're not just sitting on top the leaves. Since the wreath base is made out of sticks and isn't very solid we put glue both onto the wreath and onto the pumpkin base and held it in place while the glue cooled and hardened to make sure they were going to stay.

Once you are happy with your leaves and such you can begin adding strings of the bobbles. This was my favorite part. Using bobbles with similar color and bobbles with contrasting colors really helps to make the wreath pop.

And finally, using that autumnal ribbon, tie big bow onto it and it's DONE!

Look at that, a beautiful new piece of fall decor.

If you make a fall wreath be sure to tag me (@missameliajoy on instagram and twitter) so I can see it!

Thanks for being here xox


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