♡ Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Unboxing ♡

I have always loved instant cameras. As a child I begged my parents to get me a Polaroid camera. Thankfully they didn't! - That would have been an expensive venture. Instead they found me a used "spy" camera that took 35mm film that we had to go to Hi-School Pharmacy to get developed. Thus, I believe, spawning my love for photography.

Once I was old enough to look into buying things for myself I found out why my parents didn't buy me that damn Polaroid camera. The cameras are cheap enough but good luck getting your hands on any film without spending an arm and leg and making a shady deal involving three chickens and some witchcraft (okay, I'm exaggerating, but I think ONLY Polaroid is making that film now and it's not cheap). But now there are other instant cameras and film out there!

Several years ago my sister bought one of these little cuties (same color and everything actually) and I've loved it ever since. We were planning a trip to Disneyland and I though that was the perfect excuse to get one.

The Camera

It Came With -

The camera itself
a wrist strap
2 AA batteries

You turn the camera on using a little button on the right hand side of the lens (with it facing you). This opens the lens and brings it out. Once the camera is on it will sense the light conditions and, with the little indicator, suggest a light setting. After that you just point and shoot. The viewfinder isn't centered over the lens but I haven't noticed any problem with this and if you are really worried about your subject being centered your can compensate by shooting just slightly to the left. Once you've taken the photo it prints out of the top. Then it takes about 3-5 minutes for the photo to develop - Don't shake it, it's a hard habit to break if you every played with Polaroids but it can actually mess up the chemical processing for these and your photo may not turn out right.


This camera does have its limitations as to what it will do. It takes beautiful photos when you're on the right setting, there's plenty of light, and you're not too close to your subject. It does have a flash for night/dark photos but if you are too far from your subject the flash won't do anything (i.e. I tried to take a picture of Disney castle at night while we were in Disneyland and it was much too dark) otherwise it seems to work great.

The Film

The film you have to buy separately and comes in cartridges of 10 photos. There's an indicator on the back that tells you how many pictures are left. For Disneyland my sister and I got a three box pack, each box has two film cartridges for $42 from Amazon. Which works out to be about $0.70 per photo. Then we forgot our camera for two out of the three days we were there - but that's beside the point. Each photo is about the size of a credit card, which is handy because they fit nicely in wallets and such.


This camera is super easy to use and so far I am LOVING it. I would highly suggest it for anyone looking into buying one. They also make adorable accessories for them like carrying cases, snap on lenses, and photo wallets (all of which I'm considering buying).

I've been searching Pinterest for a way to display the photos and so far I'm liking the twine and clothes pins look. I have some mini clothes pins from Target's $1 isle I might try.

Do you have one of these? How do you display/keep your photos? What's your favorite accessory?
Let me know <3

Thank you so much for being here and I hope that this was helpful.



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