♡ Unboxing | April Julep Box ♡

Spring has sprung and it finally feels like it here in Oregon!

Sometimes when I choose the things to go into these boxes I forget what I chose and it's like a little surprise when it comes. This month I got 2 nail polishes and a clear brow gel. I remembered April (this lovely bright red orange) but I couldn't remember the other polish or what beauty product I had chosen.  I remember contemplating over several of the colors and there are loads of beauty products I've been interested in.

| Lock Down Your Brows Gel |

$22.00 | Maven $17.60

Recently I have been pretty obsessed with brow products. I got the It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil and suddenly that's all I was using. When I saw this on the website I'm pretty sure I thought that it was tinted, and to be honest I don't remember selecting it. It's actually clear and I only own one other clear brow gel and it's actually Maybelline Great Lash in transparent (you know the clear tube with the green lid and the pink and green label?). But the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and I really like the tiny little brush. This stuff seems pretty nice. Once it sets it doesn't make my brows hard or weird feeling. But that's all I've got for now.

| April Polish |

$14.00 | Maven $11.20


I loved this color this instant I saw it and apparently I love this color in general. I was shopping online and bought a pair of shorts in this exact same color and I was actually wearing them when this julep box came in the mail... so yeah. It's great. Anyway this is a prefect bright orange-tinted red with an opaque creme formula. I've already worn this twice. 

| Danica Polish |

$14.00 | Maven $11.20

This color is gorgeous. I don't usually tend to go for shimmer/iridescent polishes but this one has an amazing transformative chrome effect. This polish looks more one the blue side to me but I've had other people tell me that it's definitely more purple. Fun fact - I'm actually very slightly colorblind and it's the blue-violet colorblindness so I basically have trouble distinguishing between colors that have both blue and purple tones. But those colors tend to be some of my favorites. This color looks fantastic on and is pretty easy to apply streak-free.

Spring is here and so the nail colors are brightening! What are your favorite spring nail colors?

Thank you so much for being here! ♡


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