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 A little while ago Ulta was having a promotion where if you bought anything at all you could get a free one of these universal brow pencils by It Cosmetics for FREE.I have been ridiculously into brow products recently and when my sister told me about the promotion, naturally, I had to go buy something to get the brow pencil. 

| Packaging |

It's a nice feeling matte silver tube with a twist up pencil on one end a spoolie on the other. The cap over each end is squared off, which i really like because it stops it from rolling off my vanity (nice!). I believe this is the travel size (link here) and it comes with a nice amount of product, it will definitely last me for a while. I also really like the spoolie. It's really densely packed but its softer than some other spoolies, so it's like a tiny dense brush for your brows.

| Application |

On the package it says how the oval tip helps to create a natural looking brow shape without being too harsh and I really think it does. The fact that it doesn't have a point or sharp edges makes it easy to make a soft look and you don't accidentally get little dark marks randomly in your brow. The formula is very smooth and has just the right hardness/softness that makes it super easy to apply (even for a brow noobie, like myself).

| Color |

I was incredibly skeptical about how a single eyebrow pencil could possibly be 'universal' on any level. Now, I'm pretty dang convinced. I don't know if I would go as far as saying universal - I mean really, can a single product work for everyone's brows? probably not. But I think this pencil makes a phenomenal attempt. It was also really easy to get different shades out of it, which I figured would be harder than it sounded.

I pretty much love this stuff. It does what it says and takes almost no effort to look good. My whole brow routine now is just this pencil. I would highly recommend it if you're interested.

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