♡ Unboxing | Febuary Julep Box ♡

I'm going to make this a very brief post with very few words and hopefully it will turn out as a nice pictorial representation of the box I got this month. 

All of the items I got in this box are linked to their product page on Julep's website, just click on the section header name if you're interested. Also, with regards to the prices, the first is the price for the general public and the second is the price for Mavens (members of the Julep Site). If you would like to join you can click here.

In this box I got 3 polishes and a highlight powder.


Two of the polishes (Hazel and Brandis) I chose for this months box and the third (Hartleigh) was the February gift polish - so appropriate ♡


$14.00 | $11.20

Chunky glitter polish with holographic sparkles, white and pink hexagon glitter of various sizes, and large red heart confetti glitter. Perfect for Valentines Day. I'm going to try to work in other times of the year too.
What do you think? Can it be worn for anything other than love day?


$14.00 | $11.20

Super opaque turquoise creme polish that drys with an incredibly glossy finish. 


$14.00 | $11.20

A unique violet and copper duochrome (meaning it's purple metallic that reflects copper at some angles) metallic polish. I love this color! It's also easy to apply without getting streaks - which I was pretty worried about.

Glow Highlight Powder

 $28.00 | $22.40

I've only recently gotten on the highlighter band wagon and since I have loved pretty much every beauty product I've gotten from Julep I thought this might be a nice one to try. It's a nice pearlescent-champagne shade with A LOT of highlight power without being over whelming or making you look like disco ball. I will be doing a full review, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

I think I am liking this whole less words, more photos thing. I might stick with it for unboxings and such.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for Hartleigh for months other than February? :)
Oh or any drugstore contouring products? Along with highlighting I've recently become more interested in uppin' my contour game. 

Thanks so much!


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