♡ Unboxing | January Julep Box - Including Plie Wand Mini Review ♡

Hello lovelies! Another unboxing - that's two months in a row. As sad as it is, I think that's a record. I'm super excited about the Plie Wand and, as usual, the polish choices were all gorgeous and it was a tough decision.

| The Polish |


 The Julep site describes this color as wintermint creme, which I think is completely accurate. That is exactly what it is. And as usual with their creme formulations it's wonderfully smooth to apply and is pretty dang opaque.


 This is their blue toned metamorphic topcoat and it is so lovely. You could pair this with so many different colors and it could change the look of some colors completely. Its got a satin finish on it's own, but it also has a great effect with some Seche Vite over top.


First of all, the name is perfect. Julep describes this color as "Pink champagne metallic". I think that's fairly accurate but in some light it does take on a more coppery appearance. It's a great color though and I was surprised as to how easy it was to make it pretty streak-free. However, due to the fact that it is super metallic it does seem to make nail imperfections more obvious. But as long as you have a smooth surface to begin with it is absolutely stunning.

 | Plie Wand |


This thing is so great. I had no idea how impressed I was going to be. The wand a really nice size and weight. It's also easy to hold and to use. The wand is two pieces, as shown in the photo above; the long piece with a magnetic ring and a short piece that fits over the cap of polishes and that has the connecting magnetic ring. So to use it all you have to do it pull off the square decorative cap from whatever polish you want to use and put the short piece over top of the actual polish brush (it looks just like the brush in the photo above) and the long brush piece simply magnetizes to the top and voila. Also, the long wand piece has a joint near the base that allows it to bend to a 90 degree angle, which really does make it easier to apply polish with my left hand. I will probably get the rest of the Plie set, which is a couple of detail brushes, that I think would be really fun. I think a full review may be in order.

Hopefully that wasn't too wordy, I'm trying this new thing where I don't blabber on forever and try to put up more concise posts.

Oh also, I'm on the hunt for a good holographic polish that isn't too expensive. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!



  1. All of these pictures are perfect. Also, Zelda is SO pretty and I think I'm getting the Plie Wand in my next box. ;)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

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