Nail Tutorial | Snow Princess Holographic Glitter Nails

Not gonna lie, I am super lazy when it comes to doing my nails so it shouldn't come as a surprise that this 'tutorial' (I guess that's what's this is) is super easy and takes only slightly more effort than just painting your nails. 

All you need is a base coat and top coat, of course! I used a Ulta rubberized base coat, which I am actually not that fond of, and the Dry Fast top coat from Seche Vite. Have I raved about Seche Vite top coat before? If not, it's seriously needed, I love Love LOVE this stuff. I honestly do not use any other top coat, but that's a whole other post. Anyway, you'll also need some sort of light/baby blue nail polish. The one I used is sort of a sky blue called Jeanne by Julep. And finally, you'll need some loose holographic glitter and a dry paint brush. I got this stuff at Fred Meyer in the Halloween section after my sister informed me of its existence (okay, so to be totally honest I bought two and another one for my sister - ridiculous, I know, but I couldn't help myself). You could also probably use a holographic glitter polish, this is just what I used.

All I did to create this look was to paint all of my nails with the base coat then with the blue color. Once they were dry I used the topcoat on every nail except the accent nail. I did this because Seche Vite drys so... dry. That might not make sense at first but it drys so completely so quickly and isn't tacky whatsoever. Which is necessary because if it was tacky any excess glitter would stick in it and leave me with random bits of glitter on nails I didn't want it on. Once the topcoat was dry I moved on to the accent nail. For this all I did was apply a layer of topcoat and wait a couple seconds for it to get sticky. I then dipped the dry brush into the glitter and brushed it onto the sticky topcoat and tamped it down a little. You could probably also do this by pouring the glitter onto the nail and brushing off the excess, but glitter can be messy so I opted to use less and brush it on. Once it was dry I brushed off any glitter that wasn't dried into the topcoat (so I didn't get loose glitter in my beloved Seche Vite) and covered the glitter with a layer of topcoat and BAM! Snow princess holographic glitter nails. I love the way these look so much! The pictures really do not capture the glorious sparkling of this holographic glitter, it's pretty stunning in real life. 

Please excuse the lack of photos of this polish on my actual nails but the holographic glitter is impossible to capture a representative photo of. So the one above is the photo a posted on Instagram and Tumblr.

If you do this look I would love to see it! Post a picture on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram and tag me (@missameliajoy) and hashtag #snowprincessnails. 

Hope that was helpful and thank you so much for visiting with me.

What's been your favorite winter nail look? I'd love to see :D




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