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My apologies for my long absence. I graduated college (finally!), got a job, moved to a new house in a new city and have been incredibly busy. I've been at my new job and in my new house for about a month and I now actually have free time and will be able to post on a consistent basis. Anyway, on with the post.

This is a small selection from my box of empties I have been collecting for quite some time. It's pretty embarrassing actually, I told myself I would not move a box of garbage and had the best of intentions of photographing and disposing of them before I moved. Well... I move them, all of them (including the useless ones like nail polish remover bottles). Dedication or insanity? I'm not sure, but it happen none the less. So here are my fully formed opinions on these skin and hair products after having used them completely.


|Organix moroccan argan oil conditioner|

I think I've used this stuff forever, well since high school at least. I love the way it smells, its got a nice consistency, and it makes my hair feel nice. Notice there aren't any shampoo bottles in that photo. Well for a long time I was doing the no-poo method but now I am using a sulfate free method. I am now very much in the habit of reading the labels of shampoo and conditioner bottles. This conditioner has a couple of 'alcohols' in it, however they are fatty alcohols that are included to allow for emulsion of the water and oil portions of the product. I will definitely continue to buy this stuff as my daily (or more accurately, every-other-day) conditioner.

|Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition 3 Minute Undo Dryness Reversal|

This was a nice hair treatment. It had a fairly thick consistency with small beads in it (I'm still not sure what those were all about). I was using this over the summer to keep my hair from getting dry. This seemed to work well and like most Garnier products it had a lovely smell. I think the packaging for this product has changed now (yellow, I think) but I have not repurchased it as I bought another deep conditioner by Garnier.

|Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Scent|

I have never used a better dry shampoo than Batiste! and I do not say that lightly. I've used numerous drug store dry shampoos and have found a few that are quite good, but none that work as flawlessly as this. I do intend on doing an in depth review post in the near future (when I do I will link it) but here's a little of what I think. My hair can be at it worst (unwashed and greasy to say the least) and with a little Batiste it not only looks clean but it feels clean. Yeah you read that right, it feels clean. I don't know how they do it but its not gritty feeling, it just doesn't feel like my hair is loaded with dry shampoo. The original scent as smells freshly washed so that also adds to the facade of clean that is my hair.  


|Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit Toner|

I really didn't use toner before I bought this stuff and it was actually included in both this First Impressions and my Monthly Favorites in April. This toner had a lovely smell and did seem to improve the look of my skin and decrease the number of blemishes I had. It was, as the name suggests, refreshing feeling on my skin and left it feeling impeccably clean. After I bought it and started using it I read the ingredients and it does say it has denatured alcohol in it. However, that may have been part of what helps to reduce acne. I actually did purchase it again after I finished this bottle because it does seem to help my skin. I have also since then bought an alcohol free toner, but it is not formulated to reduce acne so I'm not sure they are directly comparable.

|Garnier Clean Balancing Daily Exfoliator Face Wash|

This was nice face wash. It's a gel type formula with small beads. It was lightly exfoliating yet was gentle enough for everyday use. For someone with really sensitive skin it might be a bit much for daily use, but if so it would probably be a nice exfoliating wash to use once a week or so. This cleanser did it's job well and left my face feeling very clean and free of dead skin cells etc. I not only used this with my hands but I also used it in the shower on my Clairsonic and it worked well like that too. I'm using a different face wash now, but I am tempted to buy this again to really asses its balancing power for my combination/oily skin.

I hope you enjoyed and that this post was informative. Also, could we just take a second to welcome the coming of fall? It's here and as beautiful as ever here in Portland.

As a final note, please leave any suggestions you may have as to good acne treatment face washes and toners (I'm always looking to try new skincare products).

Happy Fall from my blog dog and I <3



  1. Super happy that you have reached a big milestone in your life and are settled! I love the new garnier skin products (I recommend the cleansing oil!) so I will most defiantly need to check out that exfoliating cleanser

    1. Thanks so much Deasia! And I love Garnier's cleansing oil, as far as the product goes (the packing could be improved, its makes such a mess). I actually have a review of that going up here soon in a post I'm doing about Garnier products I've been loving.


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