Bath and Body Works| Big Haul

There was a cosmic alignment and well, this happened. This was actually two different trips to the mall and both times they were having major sales.


The first trip there was a huge candle sale and I clearly got myself a few. The big ones weren't one sale or I would have gotten those instead of the jars. The jar ones were on sale though and I have to admit, they're awfully cute. Then the little ones were on sale too and while they don't have incredibly strong scents I have a tiny bathroom that they seem to work well in. I freakin' love all of these scents ( xD well obviously, I bought them right?). For my mom's birthday my sister (Watching for Pigs on the Wing) and I got her, among other things, some candles. One of which was Watermelon Lemonade scented and I absolutely loved it. So when I got the very last Watermelon Lemonade candle in the jar I was so stoked! The other one in the jar is the Citron Cedarwood, which basically smells like a great smelling man. I also got one of the little ones in Watermelon Lemonade (of course), one in Rainforest Sugarcane which smells so wonderful and fresh, and the final one is Lemon Mint Leaf that is a perfect combination of lemon and mint without either being too strong or overwhelming. 


When I came back the second time they were having a ridiculous sale on the entire store! Nearly the whole store was 75% off and I happened to get a gift card from my mother in law for graduation, so it happened again. This time with body wash and lotion. The big lotion is Tulips and Raspberry, which I love! It's a great combination of fruit and floral. The little blue one (that you can't really see, sorry about that) is Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber that smells floral and a little musky, it's more of a romantic type scent to me. And now for body washes: I got the Citron one in the back for my fiance. I like the way this smells and Bath and Body Works body washes lather so nicely and feel so luxurious. For myself I got Citrus Orchid Chill and White Mango Chill,  both amazing. I liked both fruity and floral and choose between them, so I got both (:

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I love these products. Hope you'll have fun using it. Great post.


    1. Thanks so much and I am absolutely loving them as well!


  2. I am so desperate to get some Bath & Body Works in my life, we just can't get it in NZ! Such a great haul!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog - International Giveaway

    1. Well I most certainly hope they get there soon! I love their stuff and it should be shared with the rest of world <3

  3. Watermelon lemonade sounds so yummy! I'll havento go give one of those a sniff!! I absolutely love candles! Good luck with your blog xx



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