Little Necessities (mostly) Haul: May 2014

So, I know this is late now but I still gotta post it! This is a fairly small haul and is pretty much all things that I needed, for the most part anyhow. The majority of this haul comes form Walmart but a couple items I got form the brand new Ulta that opened near where I live. I must say, I am absolutely ecstatic about the opening of Ulta! My sister and I went to the grand opening weekend here is what my hand looked like by the time we left. Yeah... needless to say, we went a little swatch crazy. Anyway, on  with the purchases.

Equate Makeup Remover Wipes - These are a regular buy for me. I don't use them everyday but I do when I am wearing more eye makeup than usual or when I'm being lazy ( I know, I know, don't kill me). These are quite nice. They don't have any kind of rough texture or harsh solution. They do really well removing makeup and my face feels clean afterward. I like them, oh and they're only $3.48 for 40 of them :)

Not Your Mother's Volumizing Hair Powder - I am so excited about this! I have never used a volumizing powder, I don't know why considering my incredibly flat hair. Not only is my hair flat, but inevitably it's also very untextured. Usually though I just throw a little dry shampoo in it for some texture and call it good but recently I've developed some interest in volumizing powder. So, I got this one for $4.74 and I've used it a couple times already and I really, really like it :D (I'll probably be doing a full on review).

7 Way Nail File - This is pretty self explanatory and a necessity. Mine current one with looking not-so-good so I figured I'd get a new one. I found this one for $2.88 and seems like it should be good. - Update, this thing actually sucked! -

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Smooch - I didn't own a nude lipstick so while I was there I figured I would poke around and see if I could find one that I liked, and of course I did! And since I wasn't sure how I was actually going to feel about nudes on me I figured this little NYC would be perfect for just $1.96. So far I really like it, it's a great pinky-nude with a creamy feeling formulation and nice pigmentation.

Pure Ice Nail Polish in Tickle Me Pink - This is the last product I bought at Walmart. I saw it and thought 'oh what a perfect pink, and it's on sale!'. So for $1.97 I grabbed it. However this is definitely not a necessity, as when I got home I found that I have two other colors that are nearly identical (I know, I need to top). The polish seems fairly thin, which I expected, but it's a great creamy pink shade.

Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mellow Yellow - May I just say, Ulta is open! I am far too excited about this. Anyway, I found this sweet yellow nail polish that I thought was perfect for spring and for $2.99 I thought I would get one for myself.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Shae Butter - This I actually got as a gift for my fiance's mom for Mother's Day. I have heard tons about the Body Shop's Body Butter and since I also got her a bath bomb and few things I thought it could add to the 'at home spa' theme I had going. This is one of the smaller tubs and it was only $5.00. Hopefull she likes it.

Well that's all for this time. Hope you enjoyed reading!  xo


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