Julep Limited Edition Nautical Welcome Box | Unboxing & Review

I have been looking into getting a Julep subscription box for quite a while now. It being $25 a month for the My Maven bracket I was a little timid, but when saw this nautically themed welcome box that I could get for free (well you do have to pay for shipping, but it's only $2.99) I was thoroughly drawn in. I ordered this box on Tuesday and I was pleasantly surprised at it's arrival that Friday, even after they said shipping would take 5-10 business days to arrive. Upon opening I found this beaut:
Along with my 'Welcome to Julep' I got a percent off coupon for my next purchase (nice :D) and since I can't contain my excitement to open this up, lets get into it!

Can we just take a moment to take in the glory, keeping in mind that I paid a total of  $2.99?
In this box I found three FULL SIZE gorgeous creme polishes, a red lip gloss, a double ended eye 'glider' pencil, and an eye pencil sharpener. Oh also, there in the background you see my cup of tea. That's morning cup number two of my new favorite Tazo tea called Thrive - it's seriously amazing!

So here they are in all of their open glory! Yes ma'am there they are :D

| Liner & Gloss |

In the back we have the brown end of the liner and in front of that is the black end. The glider pencil is soft, creamy, and applies very easily. Also they definitely take some effort to remove, so that's a plus (: and the sharpener is pretty cute too.

The final swatch, obviously, is the gloss. And yes, that is sparkle you see. Which I was not thrilled about when I found out. But when I put it on it wasn't bad at all in fact, I really couldn't see it (hooray!).

| The Polish |

So now for the part we've all been waiting for... the polish swatches! Each of the following polish photos are taken after only one coat that, admittedly, were done rather quickly.

This red is the color Myriam - you can find it here

This is the shade Jeanne ( I LOVE IT) - get it here

This color is called Millie, such a cute name - click here to see it on the site
The consistency of these polishes is perfect and they have good opacity. The brushes are really nice too, they are a normal shape and they lay nice and flat. One coat looks pretty great, but I think I would do a second one if I had (and wanted to spend) the extra time :)

Julep has a lovely system set up so that you take a style quiz and from the results they choose what box is most suitable for your style. However, you can go onto your account and view the box before they ship and swap out any of the items or you can choose another box completely. I believe they only ship to the North American continent currently ( that is the United States and Canada) but they said they hope to be expanding soon.

Check out Julep and use the code SHIPSHAPE to get your own Free Nautical Welcome Box.


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