Monthly Favorites: March 2014

    I cannot believe the month of March is over already! It has gone by so quickly. I found quite a few things this month that became fast favorite. The following includes both beauty and non-beauty favorite and the beauty related items are up first.


Flower Raise Some 'Brows defining eye pencil in light brown - I recently began filling in my eyebrows and since I have been unable to find an eyebrow powder I picked up a couple eyebrow pencils and figured I'd make do. But this eyebrow pencil I way better than I expected! I have dark ash brown brows and this pencil matches nearly identically, in fact I can't see a difference. It's a fairly soft pencil with a roll up tip and it is just super easy to use. (I'll have a full on review of this coming soon!)

Liquid liner pens - My go-to look this month has been very minimal, simple face makeup with a subtle cat eye and for that I am absolutely loving liquid eyeliner pens. You know the kind with the fine felt tip? But earlier this month I lost my usual liner pen, a Revlon colorstay liner, and  I was forced to buy a new one. I just sort of grabbed one while I was at the drug store after loosing my other one. I happened to grab the NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner pen. It was inexpensive and I needed something right away. Little did I know I would really come to like this one. It has a normal felt tip with a very fine point on it for doing a perfect flick for my go-to subtle cat eye. This liner is really easy to apply and has pretty nice staying power. It also drys with a bit more a matte finish to it than the Revlon one that I had. I'm not sure it's a forever favorite but it was a nice find for the price!

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - I've pretty much been using this every day, whether or not I wear skin makeup I wear this stuff. I basically just LOVE the way this makes my skin feel. I'm not sure it makes it look any different but it really does help to create a flawlessly smooth base for anything you do choose to put over it. Typically I have just been wearing it with a little concealer and that's it. I didn't really use a face primer before I bought this but I am hooked now!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Lovers Coral - This lipstick is the perfect color for spring (and probably into summer)! Its a warm pinky coral with just enough shimmer in it. Not to mention the name is so adorable, 'Lovers Coral' too cute :D Pretty much have been wearing this whenever I feel like I need a pop of color. I've been rockin' a pretty plain face this month with hardly any skin makeup with just a subtle cat eye with no shadow and this lipstick helps to fancy up my look effortlessly.

Food & Drink

Stacy's Brand Pita Chips in Perfectly Thymed -  along with a little herbed goat cheese or just by themselves I LOVE THESE! I have been trying to eat a little healthier and I saw these pita chips at my grocery store and thought I would give them a try as an alternative to other not-so-healthy crunchy snacks. I am kinda picky when it comes to pita chips. I find many of them are too crunchy and hard for my liking but these are absolutely perfect in that respect. They have the perfect amount of crunch, taste delicious, and are baked (not fried). Seriously love these, I even got my mom hooked on them.

Radishes -  Yes, radishes. They are in just about the peak of their season right now and can be found in glorious red and green mounds at the grocery store. So, this is pretty lame, but I had NEVER eaten radishes before and I thought it was time I give them a try. My fiance said he likes to just eat them as they are, rinsed and maybe with a little butter and salt but that sounded a little hardcore to me so I poked around to find other easy ways of eating them. I found this recipe for sliced radishes on bread with boursin and chives and thought it sounded delicious. I didn't have any boursin cheese so I used cream cheese (well actually I used neufchatel cheese but close enough). So I just sliced up some break spread on a little cheese, sprinkled it with freshly chopped chives, and topped with slices of radish. Oh my goodness, let me tell you it's delectable! It's honestly my new favorite snack. Try it, I think you'll like it :D

Fitness & Health

Argus iphone App - As I said before I have been focusing a bit more on health eating and attempting to up my fitness so I was stoked when I found this app. It's free and is a wonderful fitness tracking app. It links up with other apps, such as sleep time ( another wonderful app), heart rate, and others. It allows to track steps (and it's a really accurate pedometer which is hard to find in an iphone app), meals, workouts, water consumption, weight, and so much more! You can also set goals for certain aspects of your fitness ( like hours of sleep, glasses of water, steps per day, etc) and the app alerts you when you've reached those daily goals (which is a nice little ego boost). I would suggest getting the sleep time and heart rate app to go with it just because it gives a fuller picture overall but there not necessary. One of the really fun things about this app is the meal picture portion of it. I am a huge fan of food photography and I also read in a women's health magazine ( I think) that talking pictures of your food can help prevent overeating, which I must admit I do sometimes. The app tracks everything in a neat little display that is easy to read and fun to use. If you are looking into fitness apps I thoroughly suggest you check this one out.

Whoo, that last bit was kind of lengthy but I hope you got through it. If you did, 2 gold stars for you and thank you so very much for reading! xo

What were some of your favorite things during the month of March?


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