First Impressions: Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit Toner

     I don't normally use a toner, nor have I ever. But recently my skin has been acting up a bit and I've not changed anything in my routine so I thought the addition might be useful. So I was out with my sister (Watching for Pigs on the Wing) and I decided that I would give it a try. I was standing in awe at the innumerable face washes, toners, astringents, and all sorts of treatments available in the drugstore when I spotted this lovely pink colored toner. It has salicylic acid (much needed) along with raspberry and cranberry extracts and Vitamin B3. The fruit extracts have antioxidant properties (according to the packaging) and, not to mention, make this product smell fantastic! So for a measly $5.00 I thought I would give it a try.

    When I got home and cleaned my face for the night, I can't lie, I was pretty excited to try this stuff out (lame... I know). So I soaked a cotton ball and gave it a whirl. I was refreshing feeling and smelling. It did sting a little when I swiped it over some active blemishes, but that is to be expected as it's toner and went away as fast as it came. After I was finished my face felt impeccably clean, I mean really clean! After allowing it to dry I applied my usual moisturizer and was impressed with how soft and nice my face felt. Hopefully it will help with my recently troubled skin and possibly become a beloved new part of my skin routine.

Have you used this stuff? Did you like? Any other drug store (or high end) toners that help with blemishes?

 Thanks for reading. xo


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